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Radical vs Conservative

MWA Radical vs Conservative have 1st time start battle to see who is the last man standing.

Location: University Malaya, Kongzi Institute

Time: 3pm

Rules: Japanese Rules,6.5 Komi, 1 hour plus 3 times 30 seconds byoyomi.

Radical Team            Conservative Team

Leader:Mr Chow       Leader:Mr Billy

1.Zaid                        1.Boon Ping

2.Alex                        2.Tiong

3.Wynes                    3.Jimmy

4.Ang                        4.Ho

5.Drake                     5.Rae Qiu

1st Match  22/3/2014 : Drake(W) vs Rae Qiu(B)  Result: W+R

(RvC)Rae Qiu vs Drake

2nd Match 29/3/2014 : Drake(W) vs Ho(B) Result: W+4.5

(RvC)Ho vs Drake

3rd Match 12/4/2014 : Drake vs Jimmy

Please stay tune for more information updates.



Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2014

Organizer: Malaysia Weiqi Association

MWA Logo

* Sport and Exercise Science Society, TAR University College
Kong Zi Institute

TARUC LogoKong Zi Institute Logo

* Dan & High Kyu Level: 14th – 15th June 2014 (Sat – Sun), 8:00am – 7:00pm
* Intermediate, Low Kyu, Tarcian: 15th June 2014 (Sun), 8:00am – 7:00pm

Venue: Bangunan Tan Siew Sin of TAR University College, Kuala Lumpur Campus in Setapak,

Participants: Open to Public
* Registration form can be download here: MWOC 2014 Registration Form
 * Walk-in registration on that day

Group/Entry Fee:
  * Dan Level = RM60
* High Kyu = RM60
* Intermediate Kyu =RM 40
* Low Kyu = RM40
* Tarcian = RM40

* Meal and T-shirt will be included for registration before 20th May 2014
** Non-MWA member and non-student will have extra RM10 surcharge for registration.

* Mr. Tiong 012-3292205
* Jimmy 012-2009396

Tournament will be using Japanese rules, komi 6.5 points.
Competition format is Swiss System, no. of rounds of will depends on the no. of participants.

Dan & High Kyu use 19×19 board, other groups use 13×13 board.