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Selection – The Pair Go Handicap Tournament 2020

In conjunction with the Pair Go World Cup 2020 JAPAN in July. The organizer World Pair Go Association with also hold The Pair Go Handicap Tournament for amateur players.

We are invited to select one pair (one male & one female player) to the Pair Go Handicap Tournament.

The selection tournament will be held :

  • Date: 8th February 2020, 2-6pm
  • Venue: Kongzi Institute, UM, KL

Interested players please take note of the following requirements:

* Final Tournament Venue: Atami, Shizuoka, Japan
* Date: 1-6 July 2020
* Cost: Organizer sponsor 50% of airfare, full amount of accommodation and meals during tournament.
* Representative Pair (One male and one female)
* Players can go japan without escort and will share room with 3-4 people (same gender)
* Players able to speak English or Japanese
* Players able to play on Pandanet for 20 games on March 1-April 30

Those interested please contact Jimmy for further details.

Atria Cup Weiqi Tournament Board 9×9

Atria Cup Weiqi Tournament Board 9×9

主办单位 Organize: 新世界围棋棋院 N World Go Academy

协办单位 Co-organize: 马来西亚围棋协会 Malaysia Weiqi Association
雪隆围棋协会 Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Weiqi Association

赞助商 Sponsor: Atria Shopping Gallery

Date 日期: 15th March 2020 (Sunday)
Time 时间: 11.00am – 5.30pm
Venue 地点: Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS22/23 Damansara Jaya. 47400 Petaling Jaya.

Tournament Rules & Regulations 赛事规章 :
1)比赛分为五个组别 (5 Groups) :
A 组 ( 15 岁或以下 )
B 组 ( 13 岁或以下 )
C 组 ( 11 岁或以下 )
D 组 ( 9 岁或以下 )
E 组 ( 7 岁或以下 )􀀁􀀁

2)赛事系统采用瑞⼠制度,每位参赛需下6 盘棋。

3)赛事采用9 路棋盘, 中国数⼦法。( ⿊棋43 ⼦胜 )

4)⼤会将颁发奖牌给各组别前15 名选⼿。

a,军师奖励 全胜或五胜者选⼿
b,将军奖励 四胜选⼿
c,勇敢小兵奖励 三胜或以下

6)报名费RM30 包含午餐与活动费用。

7)⼀切比赛相关疑问请联络 李老师 016 3888 758 。
For inquiry please contact Mr Lee 016 3888 758

Download Entry Form (报名表格):