About MWA

A group of weiqi enthusiast in KL started to connect with people who likes to play weiqi in Malaysia during the ’90s with the intention to form an association that can consolidate and promote weiqi activity in the country.

Youtube video introduction to Malaysia Weiqi Association

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With the support of many weiqi fan around the country and lots of preparation, Malaysia Weiqi Association (Persatuan Weiqi Malaysia) was formed in 2003.

 Current committee members are as follow; (last update: March 2016)


Tiong Kee Soon

Vice President:

Chow Chee Wen


Jimmy Cheng Khai Yong


Ho Hock Doong

Executive Committee Member (AJK): Liew Toong Hin
Ngai Kah Seng
Philip Cher Wei Ching
Chang Ting Cheong
Lee Mun kit
Chin Shuenn Chyn
Chan Hong Guan
Ang Xian Jun
Lu Yi Zheng
Ang Xian Jun
 Auditor: Chia Kok Hiong
 Auditor: Teng Boon Ping

32 thoughts on “About MWA

  1. Sean Lim

    Hi, my name is Sean, I am very keen to take up Weiqi and would like to know more Weiqi players in KL. Hope you could advise me on this, thank you.

      1. Janaka

        Hello Billy,
        I drop by Japan club today evening At 3pm, but I found myself lost in the facility. There were no signs of Weiqi playing rooms or News on the bulletin boards.

        Could you guide me? It’s my first time there, and was disappointed to go back empty handed. But I would really like to learn GO and join a club.

        Please help.

          1. Maaike

            Hi! I am Dutch student who is currently interning in KL. I would love to play go here with people, I’ve only played online so far. Will you be playing today, and if so, can I join? (sorry for the late notice, haha.)

    1. Sern

      I also from kelantan. Hard to find playmate to play real go, only virtual go is available. My passion towards weiqi/go soon will be faded.

  2. Karen Low


    I would like to learn Go. Is this Japan Club where I could learn? How do I register to become a member?

    Please advice.

    Thank you.


    1. JimmyCKY

      Hi, Currently we move to Kongzi Institute in University Malaya. We have weekly event at every saturday 2pm to 6pm. This week is Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship at TARUC, 14 to 15 july. We hope you can come to visit us. Any question please feel free to contact us Tel:0122009396 Mr. Jimmy or 0123292295 Mr. Tiong. Thanks.

    2. Peggy Chen

      Hi, my son is 8 years old and had been learning since 6 years old in Malacca. Would like to enquire if he could join in any tournaments for his level? How can i let him join this club? Do you have any events in Malacca? Tq.

    1. sern

      I’m also looking out weiqi class in johor bharu, at least I want to have a member to play and study weiqi together. still no hope to find one.

      1. Jimmy

        Unfortunately, we currently dont have any weiqi class at Johor Bharu, but we are keep in touch with Singapore Weiqi Association. They have two weiqi center at Bishan and Bugis Area. If you need a contact you can let me know. Thanks.

  3. Michael Ehmann

    Dear Sirs, I am staying a few days in Pinang/Georgetown. Is there a club/weekly meeting place in Georgetown?
    Have a nice day

      1. Michael Ehmann


        Thanks but unfortunately I don´t have a Facebook account and won´t make 1 for this

        thanks anyway

    1. Jimmy

      You can learn weiqi at mega chess academy at Menjalara or Nworld go Academy at Setapak. If you want get the set you can visit Nworld Go Academy at Setapak for all Go equipment and give me a call 012-2009396,Jimmy.


  4. Wendy

    Hi, I’m a newbie in Go chess. I have been self taught for past few months. But Go is hard to learn so I would like to attend a class, may I know where can I attend Go lesson in Selangor/KL area?


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