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Malaysia 1st Nationwide Weiqi Examination

Malaysia 1st Nationwide Weiqi Examination – 2015

Organizer: Malaysia Weiqi Association (MWA)
Co-Organizer: N-World Go Academy

Venue: Kong Zi Institute, University Malaya
21st March 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 9.00am – 6.00pm

Exam Method: Theory (paper test) & Practical (competition)

Entry Fees: Low Kyu = RM35, Mid Kyu = RM45, High Kyu = RM55
The registration fees includes: Weiqi Examination Certificate, Progressive report book & Lunch

Contact: Teacher Lee 016-3888758.  Teacher Jimmmy 012-2009396

Download Registration form here ==>> Malaysia 1st Nationwide Weiqi Examination

The 2nd South East Asia GO Championship

2nd SEA GO Championship

The 2nd South East Asia GO Championship

Date: 6 Dec 2014 – 7 Dec 2014 (8.00am – 7.00pm)

Venue: Bangunan Tun Tan Siew Sin, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Participationg Teams: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam











Organized by:
Malaysia Weiqi Association (MWA)
Sport and Exercise Science Society, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC)


Malaysia Weiqi Association (MWA)


Sport and Exercise Science Society, (TARUC)


Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC)

Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2014 Results:-

Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2014 Results:-

P/S: Click here for tournament info:

Dan Level:-

  1. Champion: Zaid Waqiyuddin
  2. 1st Runner-up: Jimmy Cheng Khai Yong
  3. 2nd Runner-up: Shi Min le

High Kyu:-

  1. Champion: Chong Wei Quan
  2. 1st Runner-up: Chong Yew Wei
  3. 2nd Runner-up: Aw Yeong Lik Soon

Intermediate Kyu:-

  1. Champion: Tay Kong Yu
  2. 1st Runner-up: Lin Sherson
  3. 2nd Runner-up: Chan Xin

Low Kyu:-

  1. Champion: Sadamasa Shunsaku
  2. 1st Runner-up: Lim Boon Ni
  3. 2nd Runner-up: Chin Jun Shen

Tarcian Group:-

  1. Champion: Chong Yaw Wen
  2. 1st Runner-up: Raymond Ching Kee Siong
  3. 2nd Runner-up: Ong Eng Hui

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2014 Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Cup World Baduk Masters

Media materials from KBA:-

“Star Wars’ Samsung Cup World Baduk Masters opens a door to Southeast Asia
3 players compete in the World Division

“The Wars of Stars” The world’s top players compete to reach the stage!

The combined preliminary tournament of 2014 Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Cup World Baduk Masters is being held from August 1 to 6 at the Korea Baduk Association
building in Seoul. This year’s preliminary tournament has different divisions including General Division, Senior Division (over 45 years old), Women’s Division, and World

Notably, the World Division, which was introduced last year, is expanding this year, offering three tickets for players from Southeast Asia and one ticket for Africa. Last
year, four players from Europe and four players from North America participated in the World Division.

The qualification tournament for Southeast Asian tickets are taking place online on WBaduk( from June 12 to 18. Total 24 players were recommended
by five national baduk associations (Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Phillippines), and the final round of the tournament is held on June 18th, 21:00, Korean

Through the combined preliminary tournament, 19 players advance to the main round. 14 players from the General Division, 2 players from Senior and Women’s each, and 1
player from the World Division.

The 19 players who advanced to the main round will be on the best 32 tournament together with the top 4 players from the last tournament, top ranked players from Korea
(4), China(2), and Japan(2), and the Sponsor’s choice one player. The main round opens on August 26 in Tsingtao, China.

Total prize money of 800,000USD, and the Winner’s Pulse of 300,000USD, 2014 Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Cup World Baduk Masters. The time limit for the players is 2 hours and countdown 60 seconds, 5 times.

Tournament Schedule:-

Stage Date Place
Preliminary Augst 1∼5, 2014 Seoul, Korea
Main round 1
(Best 32)
Augst 26∼28, 2014
(Opening Ceremony 25th)
  Tsingtao, China
Main round 2
(Best 16, 8)
October 16, 18, 2014 Daejeon, Korea
Semi-final November 3, 5, 6, 2014 Daejeon, Korea
Final December 9, 10, 11, 2014 Xian, China

Players’ List in the Southeast Asia Qualifier:

Nationality Name  Rank
Chien Chong Kew 3D
Mohd Zaid Waqiyuddin Mohd Zulkifli 4D
Khai Yong Cheng 3D
Singapore JIA CHENG TAN 6D
Rong Yao Goh 5D
Yifei Yue 5D
Xiang Zhang 6D
Xinqiang Lee 5D
Thai Krit Jamkachornkiat 4D
Nuttakrit Taechaamnuayvit 5D
Rit Bencharit 6D
Thanapol Tiawatananont 4D
Vorawat Tanapatsopol 5D


Radical vs Conservative

MWA Radical vs Conservative have 1st time start battle to see who is the last man standing.

Location: University Malaya, Kongzi Institute

Time: 3pm

Rules: Japanese Rules,6.5 Komi, 1 hour plus 3 times 30 seconds byoyomi.

Radical Team            Conservative Team

Leader:Mr Chow       Leader:Mr Billy

1.Zaid                        1.Boon Ping

2.Alex                        2.Tiong

3.Wynes                    3.Jimmy

4.Ang                        4.Ho

5.Drake                     5.Rae Qiu

1st Match  22/3/2014 : Drake(W) vs Rae Qiu(B)  Result: W+R

(RvC)Rae Qiu vs Drake

2nd Match 29/3/2014 : Drake(W) vs Ho(B) Result: W+4.5

(RvC)Ho vs Drake

3rd Match 12/4/2014 : Drake vs Jimmy

Please stay tune for more information updates.



The 1st World Weiqi Team Championship

The 1st World Weiqi Team Championship
“珠钢杯” 第一届世界围棋团体锦标赛规程

Organizer: China Weiqi Association (中国围棋协会)、广州市体育总会
Tournament Date: 19th – 26th Dec 2013
Venue: Guangzhou, China

Participants: (3 players per team)
1. Seeded Team : China, Japan, Korea, Taipei
2. Wild card team : China, Japan, Korea
3. Non-seeded team : from other country & regions.

Non-seeded team will participate in a qualifying rounds on 20th Nov, the top 9 teams will enter tournaments rounds.

The organizer will cover meals & accommodation during tournament period, participant need to take care of their own air tickets to/from GuangZhou.

Attractive cash prizes will be given to top 4 teams, and attractive cash prizes will be given to amateur teams also.

We need to select 3 players & 1 team leader to participate.
MWA members who are interested to participate please contact Mr. Tiong, we will held a selection tournament if there are more than 3 players.

MWA 10th Anniversary Dinner

Malaysia Weiqi Association (MWA) will hold a 10th anniversary dinner on 16th Nov (Sat) to celebrate the 10th birthday of MWA.

Date: 16th Nov 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 7:00 pm
Venue: Restorant Makanan Laut Chong Fatt – Room 318
No.11 Jalan Perusahaan Kiri
53000 Setapak
Tel: 03-40317978

MWA members who want to joint the dinner please contact our exco member to confirm your seat.

Looking forward to see you all 🙂

New venue for Saturday meeting – Kong Zi Institute

Dear MWA members, please take note that start from 5th Oct 2013 we will conduct the weekly Saturday meeting in new venue:


Venue: Kong Zi Institute , University Malaya
* located in Block E, room 3 Ground floor, opposite to European-Asian Institute and next to 12 College
* click here to view google map
 download location in pdf : kong zi institue

2013 South East Asia Weiqi Competition

The 2013 South East Asia Weiqi Competition will be held in Singapore from 6 to 9 December 2013, Singapore Weiqi Association will be the host for this year’s event.

We are invited to send 7 players and 1 Team Leader to join this event, the organizer will provide accommodation and meals from 6 December 2013, Friday Dinner through 9 December 2013, Monday Breakfast. Participants have to take care of their own air-tickets to/from Singapore.

Anyone interested please contact MWA to register, if there are more than 7 peoples a selection tournament will be help to choose the participants.

4th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

Date: 30th June 2013 – 5th July 2013
Venue: Incheon, South Korea

In the upcoming 4th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2013, MWA will be fielding players representing Malaysia to participate in the Baduk(Go) category. Below is the list of players participating in the event.

Team Manager

  • Chin Shuenn Chyn

Men’s Team

  • Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Zaid Waqiyuddin
  • Cheng Khai Yong, Jimmy
  • Ho Hock Doong
  • Koh Song Sang

Women’s Team

  • Suzanne D’Bel Low Khin Su
  • Fong Sok Nee
  • Lim Shu Wen
  • Wong Chi Teng

Men Single

  • Cheng Khai Yong, Jimmy
  • Koh Song Sang

Pair Go

  • Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Zaid Waqiyuddin & Suzanne D’Bel Low Khin Su
  • Ho Hock Doong & Fong Sok Nee


For more information please visit Olympic Council of Asia.