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4th National Youth Team Training Camp

4th National Youth Team Training Camp

组办单位 (Organizer):
马来西亚孔学研究会 (Association of Confucianism Malaysia)
新世界围棋棋院        (N-World Go Academy)
马来西亚围棋协会    (Malaysia Weiqi Association)           

N-Team 分为三个组别 (Category):

  • Team A, 马来西亚18岁以下最强种子选手,
  • Team B, 马来西亚18岁以下优秀的选手,透过围棋联赛将获取挑战Team A 选手的资格。
  • Trainee 实习生,马来西亚18岁以下成功透过各大围棋比赛选拔出来的潜力选手。

第四届集训营 (The 4th National Youth Team Training Camp)
集训营简介 (Introduction):

日期 Date: 6月 5,6,7号 (3D2N) (5th-7th June 2017)
时间 Time :
 * 报到 (Start/Registration) :  5th June 10.00am
 * 结束 (End) :  7th June 6.00pm
地点Venue: Darul Ta’lim 知竹圓. Lot 3021, Batu 14, Jalan Felcra Semungkis
费用 Fees: 集训费用全由主办单位赞助 (Participation fees will be sponsor by organizers)

参与资格 (Eligibility):
筹委会将会从国内3大重要赛事中筛选脱颖而出的选手们。 (The organizer will select eligible candidates from the following competitions)
1) 孔子杯围棋赛 全国20强 (Top 20 from Kongzi Weiqi Competition)
2) 马来西亚公开赛 各组前5名 (Top 5 from each category in Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship)
3) 马来西亚中小学围棋校际联赛 (Malaysia School Weiqi Competition)

如何参加 (How to Participate):
请在申请加入前仔细阅读代表队章程。 (Refer to attached invitation list)

欲报名参加的选手请在报名截止日期前 15.5.2017 把表格填妥后与身份证复印一同交给组办单位以完成报名。如无法在期限内把表格交上,请先透过电话联络负责人确定报名事项,表格可在稍后交上。

邀请名单,代表队章程与集训营报名表格请参考附件。(Attached invitation list, registration form)
Please contact N-Word (Puchong)  for more information.

==> N Team 2017 Registration Form

Invitation List

World Go Championship

World Go Championship

Another major international tournament is coming soon.

Japan Nihon Ki-in will host the “World Go Championship” in March 2017.

The concept of the tournament is that the world class top professionals from Japan, China and Korea and a computer go AI will compete in the tournament.

The following representatives (to be confirmed) will be showing off in this tournament:

  • Japan => Iyama Yuta 9p
  • China => Mi YuTing 9p
  • Korea =>  Park Junghwan 9p
  • Computer AI =>  DeepZenGo.

Latest update: 10 Jan 2017 –


Deep Zen Go Vs Cho Chikun 9P

Another man vs machine match coming soon!

Three matches will be scheduled on 19th, 20th & 23 Nov 2016.

Man => The legendary Cho Chikun 9p (honorary Meijin) from Japan Nihon Ki-in

Machine => Deep Zen Go. 

Deep Zen Go is seen as the second best computer go program now in the world because it gets the same deep learning system as AlphaGo.
* For your reference, Deep Zen got the ranking No.1 as KGS 9-dan in September 2016 and he has got even stronger now since then.

How to watch the games:

Michael Redmond 9p and Antti Tormanen 1p will give live-commentaries on the special match in English at the following website (movie):
The match will begin 13:00h (*in Japan local time) on 19, 20 and 23 November.
* You can also watch the game on WBaduk (Cyberoro).

The match will be played with even game with 6.5 points komi.
The time allowance is 2 hours, followed by three renewable 60 seconds byo-yomi.

The following English page will be opened:

  1. Match 1: Cho Chikun vs DeepZenGo [English commentary]
    19 Nov. from 12:30h
  2. Match 2:Cho Chikun vs DeepZenGo [English commentary]
    20 Nov. from 12:30h
  3. Match 3:Cho Chikun vs DeepZenGo [English commentary]
    23 Nov. from 12:30h

Japan Go Master Visit Malaysia

We are glad to announce that two Japanese Go Master will be visiting Malaysia from 16th – 22nd September 2016.

mizuma toshifumi

MIZUMA Toshifumi



MIZUMA Toshifumi(水間 敏文)7P

Go Career Profile:

  • He became a pro of the Nihon Ki-in (Tokyo), being certified as a professional shodan in 1990.
  • He got runner-up in the 16th Kisei Tournament Shodan game in 1991.
  • He got promoted to 7 dan pro in 2002.
  • He achieved 300 wins in Japan’s pro tournaments in 2009.
  • He has got very good reputation for teaching go and he has taught go wide range of people and ages from complete beginners to amateur dan players.
  • He has been teaching go at primary schools.
  • His teaching method is named as ‘Mizuma Method’, which is introduced in go class at many Japanese educational institutions.
KOMATSU Daiki (小松 大樹) 2P

Go Career Profile:

  • He became a pro of the Nihon Ki-in (Osaka), being certified as a professional shodan in 2012.
  • He got promoted to 2 dan pro in 2015.
  • His parents are also professional go players. (his father is Komatsu Hideki 9p and his mother is Komatsu Hideko 4p.)
  • He has taught go many primary school children in Osaka.
  • He studied English for over 10 months in 2015 at an English conversational school in Japan.
  • He was dispatched to Moscow and St.Peterburg in 2015 for promotion of go and to Romania for European Go Congress in 2014.

Below are weiqi activities scheduled for their visit (subject to changes):-

17-Sept (Sat)
* 1400-1800:  Visit Malaysia Weiqi Association at University Malaya-Kongzi Institute

18-Sept (Sun)
* 1000-1300: Visit N-world Puchong Go Academy at Puchong
* 1430-1800: Visit The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur
* 1900-2100: Visit Kong Zi-PJ Adult Go Class at University Malaya-Kongzi Institute

19-Sept (Mon)
 * 1300-1500: Visit Primary School Go Class at SRJK© Han Ming
* 1900-2100: Visit N-world Setapak Go Academy

20-Sept (Tues)
* 1500-1700: Visit High School Go Club at Bin Hwa Independent School
* 1900-2100: Visit N-world BMC Go Academy

21-Sept (Wed)
 * 1000-1200: Visit Kindergarten Go Class Blossom Kids

We invite all MWA members and weiqi enthusiast to joint us on 17-Sept at Kongzi Institute to learn from the Go Master.

Malaysia International Amateur Go Championship (MIAGC)

Malaysia International Amateur Go Championship(MIAGC)

Malaysia International Amateur Go Championship(MIAGC)

The MIAGC is an international Weiqi tournament organised by Ipoh WeiQi Enterprise, this tournament is open to all amateur Dan players from around the world.

The championship comes in three stages: Preliminary, Semi-Final and Final.
All competitions for Preliminary & Semi-Final will be held online using the existing internal Go server OGS. Players who enter Final stage will meet in Syeun Hotel Ipoh, Malaysia to play 12 rounds tournament to decide the winners.

Attractive cash prizes will given to winners rank 1st to 20th, the Champion will walked away with RM50,000 cash prize. (Please note that final prizes may change due to the number of participants)

Championship Schedule

  1. Registration  : August 8, 2016 – September 30, 2016
  2. Preliminary (Online Selection) : October 1, 2016 – October 31, 2016
  3. Semi-final (Online Selection) : November 16, 2016 – December 15, 2016
  4. Final Match : (Syeun Hotel, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia) March 11, 2017 – March 16, 2017

All amateur Dan players who are interested to participate, please visit Ipoh WeiQi tournament website for further details.

MWA 2015 AGM

Dear members, please be inform that Malaysia Weiqi Association (MWA) 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on:

Event: MWA 2015 AGM
Date/Time: 24th Jan 2015 ((Saturday), 3.00 PM
Venue: Kong Zi Institute , University Malaya

AGM agenda:

  • Financial report 2014
  • Tournaments at 2014
  • Membership benifits
  • MWA League
  • Changes of R&R of MWA
  • Making new T-shirt & Jacket
  • Update on MWA members ranking
  • MWA 2015 plans
  • Any Other matters

All members are encourage to attend, for further details please contact MWA exco members.