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Selection – The Pair Go Handicap Tournament 2020

In conjunction with the Pair Go World Cup 2020 JAPAN in July. The organizer World Pair Go Association with also hold The Pair Go Handicap Tournament for amateur players.

We are invited to select one pair (one male & one female player) to the Pair Go Handicap Tournament.

The selection tournament will be held :

  • Date: 8th February 2020, 2-6pm
  • Venue: Kongzi Institute, UM, KL

Interested players please take note of the following requirements:

* Final Tournament Venue: Atami, Shizuoka, Japan
* Date: 1-6 July 2020
* Cost: Organizer sponsor 50% of airfare, full amount of accommodation and meals during tournament.
* Representative Pair (One male and one female)
* Players can go japan without escort and will share room with 3-4 people (same gender)
* Players able to speak English or Japanese
* Players able to play on Pandanet for 20 games on March 1-April 30

Those interested please contact Jimmy for further details.

Atria Cup Weiqi Tournament Board 9×9

Atria Cup Weiqi Tournament Board 9×9

主办单位 Organize: 新世界围棋棋院 N World Go Academy

协办单位 Co-organize: 马来西亚围棋协会 Malaysia Weiqi Association
雪隆围棋协会 Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Weiqi Association

赞助商 Sponsor: Atria Shopping Gallery

Date 日期: 15th March 2020 (Sunday)
Time 时间: 11.00am – 5.30pm
Venue 地点: Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS22/23 Damansara Jaya. 47400 Petaling Jaya.

Tournament Rules & Regulations 赛事规章 :
1)比赛分为五个组别 (5 Groups) :
A 组 ( 15 岁或以下 )
B 组 ( 13 岁或以下 )
C 组 ( 11 岁或以下 )
D 组 ( 9 岁或以下 )
E 组 ( 7 岁或以下 )􀀁􀀁

2)赛事系统采用瑞⼠制度,每位参赛需下6 盘棋。

3)赛事采用9 路棋盘, 中国数⼦法。( ⿊棋43 ⼦胜 )

4)⼤会将颁发奖牌给各组别前15 名选⼿。

a,军师奖励 全胜或五胜者选⼿
b,将军奖励 四胜选⼿
c,勇敢小兵奖励 三胜或以下

6)报名费RM30 包含午餐与活动费用。

7)⼀切比赛相关疑问请联络 李老师 016 3888 758 。
For inquiry please contact Mr Lee 016 3888 758

Download Entry Form (报名表格):

Selection Tournament – 7th GLOBIS Cup 2020

The 7th GLOBIS Cup will be held from 7 May 2020 in Tokyo. This event is organised by The Nihon Ki-in and sponsor by GLOBIS Corporation, Japan.

Same as the previous years, there is one representative from ASEAN region. The player will be selected from preliminary matches among Thai, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Preliminary tournament among Asean countries will be play through internet go server, tournament date and details will be confirm later by organiser.

MWA will hold a selection tournament to select a payer to compete in the preliminary matches;

  • Selection Tournament: 7th GLOBIS Cup 2020 (Preliminary Match)
  • Date : 28th Dec 2019 (Sat)
  • Venue : Kongzi Institute, UM
  • Eligibility : MWA Member & Age below 20 (as of 1 Jan 2020)

Anyone interested to participate please contact Mr. Jimmy for registration.

Selection Tournament : 2020 World Amateur Women’s Go Championship in Tokyo

Due to the 2020 Summer Olympic Game in Tokyo, The International Go Federation have specially planned and will host the World Amateur for Women’s Go players.

The Championship will be held at the Nihon Ki-in in Tokyo from 1st May till 8th May 2020.

MWA is invited to nominate 2 (two) players:

  • the first player will be definitely a representative of Malaysia
  • the second player could also be a representative player if the number of players could not reach certain number like 50 players or so. (subject to confirmation by IGF later)

Selection Tournament :
Date: 28 Dec 2019. Saturday
Venue: Kongzi Institute, UM

Registration is open to all MWA members, those interested please contact Mr. Tiong of Jimmy Cheng for registration.

The 4th Confucius Cup Weiqi Competition Final Results

第四届孔子杯总排名 The 4th Confucius Cup Weiqi Competition Finals.
Date : 16th-17th Nov 2019

Champion:李崧恺 Lee Shou Kai
1st Runner-up:廖康宇 Liaw Kang Yi
2nd Runner-up:李淞葳 Lee Shou Wei

4th Place:江宣融 Kong Shiun Yung
5th Place:吴康维 Goh Gan Wei
6th Place:罗伟豪 Lo Wei Haw
7th Place:吴家骏 Ng Jia Jun
8th Place:李松轩 Lee Shou Xuan
9th Place:杨晴 Yong Qing
10th Place:叶俊良 Yap Jun Liang
11th Place:林政远 Lim Zheng Yuan
12th Place:洪瑞昇 Hong Rui Sheng
13th Place:江伟杰 Kong Wai Keat
14th Place:陈景霖 Tan Jing Lin
15th Place:洪瑞毅 Hong Rui Yi
516th Place:胡铭杰 Hu Ming Jie
优胜奖:陈彦盈 Tan Yan Ying, 温宇翔 On Yu Xiang, 钟品轩 Cheng Pin Xuan.

Upcoming International Tournament

Below are list of International Tournament Coming Soon, open for registration.

  1. October 17-22 – China
    • GUI ZHOU SEA Tournament
    • 3 Player+ 1 player (Age 8-14)
    • China (All included)
    • Selection tournament on 7th Sept 2019 at Kongzi Institute from 2pm-8pm.
  2. October 26-29 (Japan)
    • Fukui Igo Exchange
    • 5-8 Player
    • Japan (Air ticket-Lowest Rm1500)
  3. October 31- November 3 (Austria)
    • Vienna Sikl Round Tournament
    • 3 Player
    • Austria (Air ticket- Lowest Rm3500+Registration rm400)
  4. December 15-23 (Singapore)
    • 1st South East Asia Go Congress
    • 5 Player
    • Singapore (with discount 5 star hotel, RM 1500+ Transport and Meal

As only GUI Zhou included all expenses, we will have selection on 7th September 2019 at Kongzi Institute from 2pm-8pm.

Registration is open to all MWA members, those who are interested to participate please contact Jimmy or Mr Tiong for more information and registration.

The 36th World Youth Goe Championship 2019

The 36th World Youth Goe Championship 2019 (WYGC) is going to be held in Kuala Lumpur, on July 29 – August 3, 2019.


The 36th World Youth Goe Championship 2019 (WYGC2019) is an annual international tournament for youths, the championship consists of a Junior Group (age under 12) and a Senior Group (age 12-15).

This event is sponsored by the Ing Chang-Ki Wei-Chi Educational Foundation.

Click here for more information: 

4th Malaysia Primary & Secondary Interschool Weiqi Competition Results


4th Malaysia Primary & Secondary Interschool Weiqi Competition Results


新世界围棋棋院 N World Go Academy


马来西亚围棋协会 Malaysia Weiqi Association
马来西亚孔学研究会 Association of Confucianism Malaysia

赞助商: Central i-city Shopping Centre

地点 Venue:
尚泰广场 (Central i-city Shopping Centre),I-City,40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.
日期 Date:小学组 29 June ( 六 ) & 中学组 30 June ( 日 ) 
时间 Time:10.00am-6.00pm

学校排名 (School Standing)

全国小学一至三年级组 (Primary School 1 – 3 Grade)
第一名 (Champion) : 力行小学 SJKC Lick Hung
第二名 (1st Runner-up) : 兰花小学 SJKC Taman Rashna
第三名 (2nd Runner-up) : 尊孔小学 SJKC Confucian
第四名 (3rd Runner-up) : 班达马兰B小学 SJKC Pandamaran B


全国小学四至六年级组 (Primary School 4 – 6 Grade)
第一名 (Champion) : 华夏小学 SJKC Hua Hsia
第二名 (1st Runner-up) : 汉民小学 SJKC Han Ming
第三名 (2nd Runner-up) : 宋溪毛糯小学 SJKC Sungai Buloh
第四名 (3rd Runner-up) : 竞智小学 SJKC Kheng Chee


全国中学初一至初三组 (Secondary School Form 1 – 3)
第一名 (Champion) : SMK Seksyen 3 Bandar Kinrara
第二名 (1st Runner-up) : 坤成中学 Kuen Cheng Independent School
第三名 (2nd Runner-up) : 隆中华中学 Chong Hwa Independent School
第四名 (3rd Runner-up) : SMJK Katholik PJ


全国中学高一至高三组 (Secondary School Form 4 – 6)
第一名 (Champion) : 坤成中学 Kuen Cheng Independent School
第二名 (1st Runner-up) : 滨华中学 Pin Hwa Independent School
第三名 (2nd Runner-up) : 尊孔中学 Confucian Private Secondary School
第四名 (3rd Runner-up) : 培风中学 Pay Fong Middle School Melacca

Selection Tournament: Pair Go Official Handicap Tournament Preliminary

The selection tournament will be held :

Event : Selection for Pair Go Official Handicap Tournament Preliminary

  • To select 1 Pair representative (1 Male & 1 Female).
  • Both male and female must 5k above.
  • If one player is below age 18, another player must be adult.
  • Must be a MWA member and Malaysian with valid passport.
  • Selected player must be able to travel to Japan on Dec 7 and 8, 2019 without escort.

Date : 13th July 2019, 2PM – 7PM

Venue : Kong Zi Institute, UM

The winner will be selected to represent Ma;aysia in Pair Go Official Handicap Tournament Preliminary, on Dec 7 and 8, 2019 in Japan.

Anyone interested to participate kindly contact Mr. Jimmy Cheng.

6th Malaysia Pair Go Tournament 2019

6th Pair Go

Event: 6th Malaysia Pair Go Tournament 2019

This Pair-Go tournament is a team event, each team consists of two players (1 Male & 1 Female). 

Date: 17th August 2019 (Saturday)

Venue: DPULZE Shopping Center, Cyberjaya

Organized by: N-Word Go Academy


Co-Organizer:  Malaysia Weiqi Association


Supported by: 
  * World Pair Go Association ,
  *  DPULZE Shopping Center



Entry Fee: RM 60.00/Team (Lunch included)

Rules & Regulation:
* Japan Pair-Go Rules
* 5 round, Swiss system.
* Team must consists of 1 Male + 1 Female (no age/rank  limit)
Prizes and Awards:
  * Trophy and medal for top 16 team.
  * Certificates to all player.
  * Special prize and gift sponsored by World Pair Go Association.

Contact:  Mr. Lee 016-3888 758 

Download registration form here => 6th Pair Go Register form

Please contact the organizer to register as soon as possible.