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8th Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2018

8th Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2018

1. Host : Malaysia Weiqi Association

2. Co-Host : Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

3. Date : 17th March 2018(Saturday) – 9.00am – 5.00pm

18th March 2018(Sunday) – 8.00am – 6.00pm

4. Place : Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

5. Categories : Open Group 17-18 March 2018 | RM80

High Kyu (1k – 9k) 17th – 18th Mar 2018 | RM60

Intermediate Kyu (10k – 15k) 18th Mar 2018 | RM40

Low Kyu (16k – 25k) 18th Mar 2018 | RM40

University Group 17th Mar 2018 | RM40

6. Tournament Format:

I) Dan and High Kyu Group plays on the 19 X 19 board and other group plays on the 13 X 13 board .

II) This is an individual tournament, using Swiss System.

III) The tournament uses Japanese rules with Black giving Komi of 6.5 points.

IV) Each player is allocated to 60 minutes absolute time in Open and High Kyu group, overtime is considered lost. No time limit for other group but if the game is over 30 minutes, each player is given an additional 5 minutes absolute time,, overtime is considered lost.

7.Prize : Trophies and awards for top three player in each group. Medals and awards for forth to eighth player in each group.

8.Contact : Tiong 012-3292205

Jimmy 012-2009396

9.Payment : I)RHB bank account: 21421300025612 (Persatuan Weiqi Malaysia), kindly fill in the bank in slip and the registration form online

II) Registration counter will be set on every Saturday at Kongzi Institute,University Malaya, from 2pm to 6pm.

III) Meal and T-shirt will be included for registration before 25th February 2018

10. The organizer shall not be held responsible or liable in any loss of contestant’s personal belonging during their participation.

11. The organizer shall not be held responsible or liable in any incidents / accidents during their participation.

12. The organizer holds exclusive and absolute rights to all photographs taken during the contest, the rights to feature such photographs in public inclusive all media range. No fees, charges, bills of any kind are claimable by agents of contestants and media agents, for usage of photographs.

13. The organizer shall be the sole Authority for all interpretations of these rules and regulation. Decision of the organizer shall be final.

Here is link for online registration.


2nd Confucius Cup Weiqi Competition Results

Final Results:

2nd Confucius Cup Weiqi Competition

Champion: Liu Shize

1st Runner-up: Chong Wei Quan

2nd Runner-up: Lee Shou Kai

4th Place: Tang Khang Yeu

5th Place: Lo Wei Haw

Click here to view Final Standings ==>  2nd Confucius Cup Result

Tournament info:

Selection for The 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament

A selection tournament will be held on 23rd Sept (Sat) to select representative players for the up coming 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament in Korea.

Event: Selection for The 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament

Date: 23rd Sept 2017 (Saturday), 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Venue: Kong Zi Institute, University Malaya

Eligibility:  Female player and must be a Member of MWA

Selection Category: 
 * 1 player for individual tournament
 * 3 players for team tournament

Selected players will be representing MWA to compete in The 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament
 * Organize by Korea Amateur Baduk Association (KABA)
 * Date: November 10th(Fri) – 13th(Mon), 2017
 * Venue: Yeongam, Korea
 * Expected Participating Nations : 16 Countries and territories in Asia
 * Participants need to pay for their own round-trip flight tickets, and the organizer will cover meals and accommodation during tournament.

Anyone interested to participate please contact Mr. Tiong or Jimmy from MWA.


2nd Confucius Cup Weiqi Competition

2nd Confucius Cup Weiqi Competition

主办单位 (Organizer)

  • 马来西亚孔学研究会 (The Association of Confucianism Malaysia)


  • 马来西亚围棋协会 (Malaysia Weiqi Association)
  • 新世界围棋棋院  (N World Go Academy)

总行程 (Schedule)

2017年11月5号至12号 (5th-12th November 2017)

5/11/2017 Sunday 全国预赛-选拔64强
(Preliminary selection – to select top 64)
6/11/2017 Monday 围棋师资培训 兼 围棋讲座
(Weiqi Instructor training camp & Weiqi Lectures)
7/11/2017 Tuesday 围棋师资培训 兼 围棋讲座
(Weiqi Instructor training camp & Weiqi Lectures)
8/11/2017 Wednesday 围棋讲座 (Weiqi Lectures)
9/11/2017 Thursday 围棋讲座 (Weiqi Lectures)
10/11/2017 Friday 围棋交流 (Weiqi Forum)
11/11/2017 Saturday 64强本赛兼文化课堂
(Top 64 Final Competition & Cultural Classes)
12/11/2017 Sunday 64强本赛
(Top 64 Final Competition

预赛地点 (Preliminary Competition venue): 高峰广场四楼 (Summit Shopping Complex, 4th Floor)

本赛地点 (Final Competition venue): 知竹园度假村 Darul Ta’lim, Hulu Langat 

围棋交流 (Weiqi forum venue) 马来西亚围棋协会 (Malaysia Weiqi Association)

师资培训地点(Weiqi Instructor Training venue): 马来西亚孔学研究会(The Association of Confucianism Malaysia)

围棋讲座 (Weiqi Lecture venue)
1)孔研会会所 (The Association of Confucianism Malaysia)
2)巴生 (Klang, Selangor)
3)马六甲 (Melaka)
4)适耕庄 (Sekinchan, Selangor)

Preliminary Competition Rules and Regulations

  1. 此赛事公开给所有人士参与,无棋力与年龄限定。
    Competition open to all palyers, no limitation to ranking and age.
  2. 预赛系统采用瑞士制度加淘汰设定。
    Competition will be using Swiss System & knock-out system.
  3. 如无法参与两天一夜本赛之选手,报名时必须告知主办单位。
    Please inform the organizer during registration if any participants unable to join the Final competition (2 days 1 night)
  4. 预赛赛事采用13路棋盘,黑贴5.5目。
    All player will be playing with 13 x 13 board size, Japanese rules with 5.5 komi
  5. 报名费用 RM30,包含午餐。
    Registration fees RM30, inclusive of lunch

64强两天一夜本赛 (Top 64 Final Competition, 2 days 1 night)

  1.  成功晋级本赛64强选手,主办单位将赞助其赛事费用,包含:参赛费用,度假村住宿,餐食和文化课程费用等消费。
    The organizer will sponsor the following competition expenses; including competition fees, accommodation, meals, and cultural classes fees.
  2.  本赛采用19路棋盘,瑞士系统,黑棋贴6.5目。
    All players in final competition will be using 19 x 19 board size, Swiss system, Japanese rules, komi 6.5
  3.  所有选手必须跟从营内所设下的营规,所有营规以安全为优先考量,如不遵守或犯规者则被取消参赛资格。
    All participants must adhere to rules and regulations set up by organizer, anyone found seriously violate or disobey to above rules will be penalizes and disqualify from competition.

赛事奖励 (Prizes)

  1.  所有参与孔子杯预赛选手将获得参赛证书
    All participants will be awarded a Participation Certificate
  2. 成功入选全国64强者将获得汉服一件
    Top 64 will be awarded with a Chinese “Han” dress

优胜者:Winners prize

  1. 第一名至第五名获得奖杯
    1st – 5th : Trophy
  2. 第六名至第十六名获得奖牌
    6th – 16th : Medals
  3. 优胜奖牌三份 (3 Merit medals)
  4. 额外奖励 幼儿组,小学组,中学组 前8名将获得由马来西亚孔学研究会提供的奖学金。
    Additional special prizes for Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary Categories;
    Top 8 from each category will be get Scholarship from The Association of Confucianism Malaysia

Registration form: ==> Registration Form 报名表格 <==

如有其它比赛相关疑问请联络 李老师 016 3888 758 。
(Please contact N-World, Mr. Lee 016-3888758 for any further inquiry)

1st DPULZE WEIQI Tournament 2017



  • DPULZE Shopping Centre

Date: 01 Oct 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 10.00am – 6.00pm
Venue: Dpulze Shopping Centre, Cyberjaya

Competition Rule:

  1. Team Event:- Each team has 3 players, a team need at least 2 wins to win a round.
  2. Weiqi Board Size : 19 x 19
  3. Swiss League System – (4 Rounds, Tie-breaker SOS, SOSOS)
  4. Japanese Rules, Even game, Komi 6.5
  5. Absolute time 45min each player
  6. Total 16 Teams to be invited (by invitation only)


Champion Team:- Trophy, Medal & Cash Prize RM500/Team.

1st Runner Up Team:- Trophy , Medal & Cash Prize RM300/Team.

2nd Runner Up Team:- Trophy , Medal & Cash Prize RM200/Team.

4th to 6th Team:- Medal



2nd Malaysia Interschool Weiqi Competition 2017 Results

2nd Malaysia Primary & Secondary Interschool Weiqi Competition 2017 Results

个人排名 (Individual Results):

全国小学一至三年纪组 (Primary School Standard 1-3)


  1. Champion 冠军:   魏胤恒 Ngai Yin Heng  (SJKC Bandar Sungai Long)
  2. 1st Runner up 亚军:陈彦盈 Tan Yan Ying  (SJKC Tun Tan Cheng Lock)
  3. 2nd Runner up 季军:吴汉源 Goh Han Yuan (SJKC Lick Hung)
  4. 4th Place 第四名: 郑惟介 TehWei Jie (SJKC Han Ming)
  5. 5th Place 第五名: 林文康 Lim Wen Kang (SJKC Lick Hung)
  6. 6th Place 第六名: 莊旻澔 Cheng Min Hao (SJKC Chung Hwa (P) )
  7. 7th Place 第七名: 曾泓净 Chen Hung Kim (SJKC Lick Hung)
  8. 8th Place 第八名: 生田信吾 Shingo Ikuta (SRJKC Jalan Davidson KL)

全国小学四至六年纪组 (Primary School Standard 4-6)


  1. Champion 冠军: 杨晴 Yong Qing (SJKC Yak Chee)
  2. 1st Runner up 亚军: 古角新丸 Shimmaru Kosumi (Sunway International School)
  3. 2nd Runner up 季军: 李松轩 Lee Shou Xuan (SJKC Yak Chee)
  4. 4th Place 第四名: 胡铭杰 Hu Ming Jie (SJKC Ayer Keroh,Melaka)
  5. 5th Place 第五名: 冯瑞斌 Foong Rui Bin (SJKC Sin Ming)
  6. 6th Place 第六名: 罗晨晔 Owen Lo Chen Yeh (SJKC Tun Tan Cheng Lock)
  7. 7th Place 第七名: 张美恩 Chong Mei En (SJKC Kheng Chee)
  8. 8th Place 第八名: 吴康维 Goh Gan Wei (SJKC Ayer Keroh,Melaka)

全国中学组 (Secondary School)


  1. Champion 冠军: 张伟权 Chong Wei Quan  (SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong 1)
  2. 1st Runner up 亚军:李崧恺 Lee Shou Kai  (SMK Seksyen 3)
  3. 2nd Runner up 季军:吴泓修  Wu Hong Xiu   (Chong Hwa Independent High School KL)
  4. 4th Place 第四名: 胡杰昇   Foo Jason   (Tsun Jin High School)
  5. 5th Place 第五名:郑光耀  Tay Kong Yu   (Pin Hwa High School)
  6. 6th Place 第六名:陈恺斌  Tang Kai Bin  (Poi lam High School)
  7. 7th Place 第七名:王靖凱 Wang Jing Kai  (Association of Confucianism Malaysia)
  8. 8th Place 第八名:林贤浚   Lim Xian Jun  (Pin Hwa High School)
  9. 9th Place 第九名:陈俊翰   Chin Jun Han  (Tsun Jin High School)
  10. 10th Place 第十名:林政远  Jeremy Lim   (Tanarata International School)
  11. 11th Place 第十一名:陈慷佑  Tang Khang Yeu  (Association of Confucianism Malaysia)
  12. 12th Place 第十二名:周彤翰  Chiew Tung Han  (Association of Confucianism Malaysia)
  13. 13th Place 第十三名:李淞崴  Lee Shou Wei (SMK Seksyen 3)
  14. 14th Place 第十四名:王泳心  Ong Yong Sin  (SMJK Katholik PJ)
  15. 15th Place 第十五名:胡丽仪  Hu Ley Yee   (Pay Fong Middle School, Melaka)
  16. 16th Place 第十六名:李轩铭  Lee Xuan Ming  (Association of Confucianism Malaysia)

学校排名 (School Results):

小学一至三年纪组 (Primary School Standard 1-3)


  1. Champion 总冠军: SJKC Lick Hung
  2. 1st Runner up 亚军: SJKC Kheng Chee
  3. 2nd Runner 季军: SJKC Nan Yik ‘Lee Rubber’
  4. Merit 优胜奖: SJKC Han Ming

小学四至六年纪组 (Primary School Standard 4-6)


  1. Champion 总冠军: SJKC Yak Chee
  2. 1st Runner up 亚军: SJKC Han Ming
  3. 2nd Runner up 季军: SJKC Sin Ming
  4. Merit 优胜奖: SJKC Bandar Sungai Long

全国中学组 (Secondary School)


  1. Champion 总冠军: Pin Hwa High School
  2. 1st Runner up 亚军: Tsun Jin High School
  3. 2nd Runner up 季军: Chong Hwa Independent High School KL
  4. Merit 优胜奖: SMK Seksyen 3

==> Click here to view the Photo Gallery 

Selection Tournament For 12th KPMC

Dear members, a selection will be held on 15th July 2017 (Sat) to select a representative player for the coming 12th KPMC (Korea Prime Minister Cup International Amateur Baduk Championship), participation is open to all MWA members, the winner the be selected to represent Malaysia to compete in 12th KPMC in Korea.

Selection Tournament info:

  • Date/Time: 15 July 2017 (Sat) , 2pm – 6pm
  • Venue: Kongzi Institute, UM
  • Eligibility: Open to all MWA members (must hold a Malaysian passport)
  • Champion will be selected to represent MWA in 12th KPMC 

12th KPMC Info:

  • Event: The 12th Korea Prime Minister Cup International Amateur Baduk Championship
  • Date: 9th to 15th of September 2017
  • Venue: Julpo Bay Tidal Ecological Park in Buan County, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
  • Host Organization: Korea Amateur Baduk Association (KABA)
  • Invited Participants: 76 countries/territories
  • Tournament rules: 6-round Swiss system, Komi 6.5 points, 40 min + 30 sec 3 times
  • Expenses:
    • Accommodation and meals will be borne by organizer
    • Organizer will pay 70% of air fares (up to max USD350)
  • Further inquiry: Please contact Jimmy Cheng if you are interested to participate.

2nd Malaysia Primary & Secondary Interschool Weiqi Competition 2017

2nd Malaysia Primary & Secondary Interschool Weiqi Competition 2017

Organizer 主办单位:
* N-World Go Academy (新世界围棋棋院)
* Malaysia Weiqi Association (马来西亚围棋协会)
* Association of Confucianism Malaysia (马来西亚孔学研究会)
* Malaysia Chinese Culture & Arts Consultative Council (马来西亚华社文化艺术咨询委员会)


Venue: 马华⼤厦 Wisma MCA No.163, Jalan Ampang,50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Date: 20 August 2017 (星期日)
Time: 10.00am-6.00pm

2017 年八月马来西亚独立届满60 年。在这充满意义的月份,我们配合第二届华穗艺术节“扎根”,共同举办国内年度盛大赛事 “马来西亚第二届中小学围棋校际联赛”


赛事规章:(Competition Rules & Regulations)
1)比赛分为三个组别:(Compete in 3 Category)
  – 小学B 组 (年龄 7-9 岁) (Primary School Group-A, age 7-9 years old)
  – 小学A 组 (年龄 10-12 岁) (Primary School Group-B, age 10-12 years old)
  – 中学组 (Secondary School)

2)赛事系统采用瑞士制度,每位参赛需下7 盘棋。
    (Competition will use Swiss-System, all participants need to compete in 7-rounds)

3)赛事采用13 路棋盘,贴目一黑贴5.5 目。
   (Competition will use 13×13 boards, black will give 5.5 komi)

   (Prizes will be given to Individual & Teams, the tournament system will auto-compute the best 3 players from each school to determine the final school’s team results)

    (Top 3 players from each category will be qualify to be selected as National Youth N-Team representative)

6)赛事各组别冠军将入选 “马来西亚第二届孔子杯围棋赛” 种子选手,直接进入孔子杯全国64 强决赛。
(Each category champion will be qualify as seeded player in the 2nd KongZi Cup Tournament, will proceed to compete in the final top-64)

7)如有其它比赛相关疑问请联络 李老师 016 3888 758 。
(Please contact N-World, Mr. Lee 016-3888758 for any further inquiry)

==> Click here to download Registration Form 校际联赛报名表格

4th Malaysia Pair Go Tournament – Final Results

4th Malaysia Pair Go Tournament Final Results

Date: 21 May 2017 (Sunday)

Organized by: N-Word Go Academy


* Malaysia Weiqi Association
* World Pair Go Association
* AGlassOfLoveServiceCentre Sdn Bhd

Venue: A Glass Of LoveServiceCentre Sdn Bhd
No. 1-3, Jalan PJU 5/4, Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Final Results: Top 15

  • Champion: Chong Wei Quan & Chong Mei En
  • 2nd Place: Lo Wei Haw & Khoo Jia Ming
  • 3rd Place: Cheng Qing Xiang & Yong Kit Yee
  • 4th Place: Lee Shou Kai & Yong Qing
  • 5th Place: Wong Jing Kai & Look Keyun
  • 6th Place: Tan Yuan Wei & Tan Yan Ying
  • 7th Place: Lee Xuan Ming & Lim Lay Ping
  • 8th Place: Wu Hong Xiu & Ng Yann Teing
  • 9th Place: Ngai Yin Heng & Yee Kyte Gie
  • 10th Place: Hong Rui Sheng & Lim Qian Hui
  • 11th Place: Tan Yong Ming & Yong Hui Yi
  • 12th Place: Wu Po Xuan & Ong Yong Sin
  • 13th Place: Hong Rui Yi & Kho Zhi Heng
  • 14th Place: Diong Ee Hoe & Loke Yuet Ying
  • 15th Place: Ling Siu Fai & Goh Kar Kar

Full Results Table ==> 4th Malaysia Pair Go Result

34th World Youth Goe Championship Selection Results

Selection of 34th World Youth Goe Championship:-

Winner: Lee Shou Wei (1D)
Lee Shou Wei will be representing Malaysia in The 34th World Youth Goe Championship, to be held in Chiangmai, Thailand, on July 18-23, 2017.

The final result of the selection as below:

Category: Senior Group (Age 12-15)

Date : 9 April 2017 (Sunday)
Venue: N-World Go Puchong

1) Lee Shou Wei (3 win)
2) Wu Suen Kit (2 win)
3) Lee Shou Kai (2 win)
4) Lee Shou Xuan (2 win)
5) Chang Xin (1 win)
6) Chin Jun Han (1 win)
7) Lee Xuan Ming (1 win)
8) Chin Jun Sheng (0 win)