Time Table for Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2012

6th October 2012

9.00am   Registration for Dan Group
10.00am Round 1(Dan Group)
12.00am Lunch Break
1.00pm   Round 2(Dan Group)
3.00pm   Round 3(Dan Group)
5.00pm   End of Day One

7th October 2012

8.00am   Registration for Kyu Group
9.00am   Opening Ceremony
10.00am Round 4(Dan Group)
Round 1(High Kyu and Low Kyu Group)
11.00am Round 2(Low Kyu)
11.20am Round 2(HIgh Kyu)
12.30pm Lunch Break
1.30pm   Round 5(Dan Group)
Round 3(High Kyu and Low Kyu)
2.30pm   Round 4(Low Kyu)
2.50pm   Round 4(High Kyu)
3.30pm   Round 5(Low Kyu)
4.10pm   Round 5(High Kyu)
4.30pm   Round 6(Low Kyu)
6.00pm   Prize Giving & Closing Ceremony

(Time might change due to inconvenient issue.)

Written by Jimmy 

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