MWA League Information

MWA League System 2016 Updated 18 April 2016

1.    Objectives

a.    To encourage MWA members to play serious games.
b.    To set up and/or stabilized MWA Weiqi ranking system.
c.    As one of the way to select player(s) to represent MWA for international tournaments, besides normal selection.
Tournament List:

* Based on the voting cast by 12 members in MWA Whatsapp group from 17th-20th November 2015.
  1. Mr. Chia Kok Hiong
  2. Mr. Chang Ting Cheong
  3. Mr. Chan Hong Guan
  4. Mr. Tiong Kee Soon
  5. Mr. Lee Mun Kit
  6. Mr. Ho Hock Doong
  7. Mr. Cher Wei Ching
  8. Mr. Teng Boon Ping
  9. Mr. Koh Song Sang
  10. Mr. Leong Chee Weng
  11. Mr. Cheng Khai Yong
  12. Mr. John Awi.

i.    Silk Road Weiqi Competition (Xi An, China)
ii.   Nanning Go Championship (Nanning, China)
iii.  SEA Friendly Tournament (Previously 3 Countries)
iv.  Japan Pair Go

2.    Main requirements for joining the league

a.    Official member of MWA.
b.    Have at least a steady rank:

i.    MWA Ranking, or
ii.    Online ranking with at least 100 game records and steady rank for the past 1 month.
iii.    Minimum 9 Kyu and maximum 6 Dan amateur.
iv.    Ranking Point will be based on official MWA Ranking, be it being awarded by the President, with consent from other EXCO members, or achieved through exam.

3.    Rules of the League:

a.    Venue.

i.    Encourage to play face-to-face within a fixed venue. E.g. Kong Zi Institute in UM.
ii.   Online Weiqi server, with compulsory saved game records (stored online or offline).

b.    There will be 2 points system in the league.

i.    Ranking Points:  To determine the Handicap, following a point system adopted from JCKLCard. *** W wins tie.
ii.   League Points: Accumulative points to be consumed for representing MWA for international tournament.

c.    Maximum Handicap must be 6 stones or below. Handicap beyond the mentioned range
is not allowed.
d.    Length of the league will be 3 months of playing +1 month of intermission (3 leagues a year).
e.    Minimum of 12 games or maximum of 20 games must be played within 3 months of each league.
f.    Maximum of 2 games, whichever games agreed by both players, with the same opponent will be used as official results for adjusting both point systems during the end of the league.
g.    Weiqi rules must follow Japanese counting system with 6.5 komi if even game.
h.    Allocated time for each player is 60 minutes with 1 x 30 seconds extra time (Byo-yomi system).
i.    For each game under the minimum quota, 30 points will be deducted from League Points.
j.    Minus points will be given to the player who do not have enough point for deduction.
k.    Player can request to rest and not join the league before the new league start. But, any game played within this period with whomever, will not gain the player any points.
l.    Game results must be reported on Whatsapp/Facebook MWA League Group on the same day the game is played.
m.    Game results must be recorded by both players as in the format below.

n.    Starting Ranking Points as follow.

o.    Ranking point will only be updated after each league ended.
p.    Players who win a game with maximum 6 Handicaps White giving 6 points Komi (H6W6), 1 Ranking point will be added, but players who lose a game with same handicap will not have his/her Ranking point deducted.
q.    Ranking of each league of every player will be determined by the percentage of winning games respectively.
r.    Tie breaker condition.

i.    If same percentage of winning, higher percentage of taking white stones.
ii.    If same percentage of taking white stones, higher total handicaps given to opponents.
iii.    If same total handicap given to opponents, higher total games played.
iv.    If same total games played, earlier to reached 12 games.
v.    If same day reached 12 games, higher Ranking Points.
vi.    If same Ranking Points, higher MWA Dan/Kyu level.
vii.    If same MWA Dan/Kyu level, average points given to both players.

s.    Minimum of 20 League Points will be awarded to the last ranked player.
t.    Extra 20 League Points will be given for each rank going up in that particular league.
u.    MWA president, with the majority vote of the EXCO members, can adjust the Ranking Points for the said over-achiever or under-achiever of the league, to encourage fair sportsmanship.
v.    Adjustment on Ranking Point will also be based on MWA official exam results, and/or based on achievement in tournament, which will be used in the next league.

4.    Usage of League Points:

  1. Points accumulated from the league will be used to determine who will represent Malaysia
    to participate in the said international tournament, by the time MWA received the invitation.
  2. Player with higher League Points will have the priority to choose whether s(he) wants to go for the said tournament.
  3. Point’s requirement for the tournament will only be set by MWA President and EXCO members by the time the tournament invitation comes.
  4. If player does not have enough points by the time s(he) can exercise his/her right to choose, the said player will only use up all the points accumulated so far, without deficit.
  5. Points accumulated will not expire.
  6. Point’s requirement is set based on the importance of the tournament, sponsorship, and the popularity of the said tournament.
  7. Each player can only go for 2 tournaments set in the list of the league.
  8. Exception is only allowed when all other players refuse to go for the said tournament.

** MWA League information is currently maintenance & updated by Alex Chan **