Special Thanks to Sport and Exercise Science Society

On 6th October 2012 to 7th October 2012, we had successfully organized Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2012. We would like to thanks the entire advisor, committee members and all students from Sport and Exercise Science Society of College Tunku Abdul Rahman. With all your effort, we make a greater event than previous year. We hope that all the committee members get precious experience from this event.  We are looking forwards to organize more events together in future.

Written by Jimmy Cheng

Representative for Three Country Friendly Championship 2012

Three Country Friendly Tournament 2012 will be held at Chiang Rai, Thailand on 1st December 2012 to 5th December 2012. Our representatives choose from top four players from Malaysia Weiqi Open Champion 2012 Dan Group.

They are

1)Mohd Zaid Waqiyuddin

2)Jimmy Cheng Khai Yong

3)Teng Boon Ping

4)Wynes Leong Chee Weng

We are proud and hope they will do their best in international tournament.

Written by Jimmy Cheng 

Time Table for Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2012

6th October 2012

9.00am   Registration for Dan Group
10.00am Round 1(Dan Group)
12.00am Lunch Break
1.00pm   Round 2(Dan Group)
3.00pm   Round 3(Dan Group)
5.00pm   End of Day One

7th October 2012

8.00am   Registration for Kyu Group
9.00am   Opening Ceremony
10.00am Round 4(Dan Group)
Round 1(High Kyu and Low Kyu Group)
11.00am Round 2(Low Kyu)
11.20am Round 2(HIgh Kyu)
12.30pm Lunch Break
1.30pm   Round 5(Dan Group)
Round 3(High Kyu and Low Kyu)
2.30pm   Round 4(Low Kyu)
2.50pm   Round 4(High Kyu)
3.30pm   Round 5(Low Kyu)
4.10pm   Round 5(High Kyu)
4.30pm   Round 6(Low Kyu)
6.00pm   Prize Giving & Closing Ceremony

(Time might change due to inconvenient issue.)

Written by Jimmy 

Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2012

Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2012 will be held on 6th – 7th October 2012, anyone interested to participate please download the registration form below.

Organizer: Malaysia Weiqi Association
Co-organizer: Sport and Exercise Science Society from School of Arts and Science, Tunku Abdul Rahman College
Venue: College Tunku Abdul Rahman, Club House Function Room
Date: 6th – 7th October, 2012
Entry fees: Dan Level (RM50), Kyu Level (RM30), non MWA member & non students add RM10 surcharge

We welcome everyone to join.

Download the form below for registration (contact persons are listed on the form):
MWA open 2012 entry form

Weiqi Promotion activity at Poi Lam (培南独中) Ipoh

Ipoh Wei Qi Enterprise and Malaysia Weiqi Association have jointly organised a weiqi promotion avtivity at Poi Lam School (培南独中) Ipoh to introduce Weiqi to more than 1300 students.

For those interested to learn more, we also conduct teaching game using 9×9 small board to give students hands on experience.