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Selection for The 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament

A selection tournament will be held on 23rd Sept (Sat) to select representative players for the up coming 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament in Korea.

Event: Selection for The 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament

Date: 23rd Sept 2017 (Saturday), 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Venue: Kong Zi Institute, University Malaya

Eligibility:  Female player and must be a Member of MWA

Selection Category: 
 * 1 player for individual tournament
 * 3 players for team tournament

Selected players will be representing MWA to compete in The 1st Asian Female Baduk Tournament
 * Organize by Korea Amateur Baduk Association (KABA)
 * Date: November 10th(Fri) – 13th(Mon), 2017
 * Venue: Yeongam, Korea
 * Expected Participating Nations : 16 Countries and territories in Asia
 * Participants need to pay for their own round-trip flight tickets, and the organizer will cover meals and accommodation during tournament.

Anyone interested to participate please contact Mr. Tiong or Jimmy from MWA.