MWA Shodan Promotion Competition Final Result

Result for MWA Shodan Promotion 2019 competition.

Below are the listing of the promotion:

2 Dan

  • Lee Shou Xuan – special promotion to 2D

1 Dan

  • Kong Shiun Yung – promoted to 1D
  • Hong Rui Yi – promoted to 1D
  • Yap Jun Liang – promoted to 1D

1 Kyu

  • Owen Lo Chen Yeh – special promotion to 1K
  • Yong Qing – special promotion to 1K

In addition to the 1D promotion. MWA decided to award another 3 players for special promotion.

Final standing after 4 rounds of competition :

Congratulation to all players and we encourage them to train harder and achieve a higher ranking in the near future.

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