MWOC 2016 – Results

Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2016 Final Results

Dan Group

Champion: Chang Fu Kang
* Malaysia Representative for Korea Prime Minister Cup in Korea *
1st Runner up: Wynes Leong Chee Weng
2nd Runner up: Chong Wei Quan
4th Place: James Lee Xin Qiang
5th Place: Tiong Kee Soon
6th Place: Chen Zhong
7th Place: Drake Chung Chun Chen
8th Place: Lo Wei Haw
Fighting Spirit award: Ong Chee Wei

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High Kyu Group

Champion: Liaw Kang Yi
* Promoted to 1 Dan *
1st Runner up: Lee Shou Wei
2nd Runner up: Wu Suen Kit
4th Place: Lee Shou Kai
5th Place: Cheng Pin Xuan
6th Place: Wu Hong Xiu
7th Place: Chin Jun Han
8th Place: Tiong Teck Yee
Fighting Spirit award: Chong Mei En

Intermediate Kyu Group

Champion: Lee Shou Xuan
1st Runner up: Look Keyun
2nd Runner up: Lee Xuan Ming
4th Place: Yong Qing
5th Place: Lim Jien Huong
6th Place: Yew Wen Hui
7th Place: Foo Jason
8th Place: Shimmaru Kosumi

Low Kyu Group

Champion: Foong Rui Bin
1st Runner up: Ngai Yin Heng
2nd Runner up: Lau Jun Liang
4th Place: Lei Qi Lun
5th Place: Kong Shiun Yung
6th Place: Lo Zhe Yang
7th Place: Tan Yong Ming
8th Place: Lee Xuan Yi

University Group

Champion: Chew Kar Chin
1st Runner up: Chong Yaw Wen
2nd Runner up: Issac See Wei Jie
4th Place: Lee Aik Chong
5th Place: Shim Lai Yee
6th Place: Loe Ee Hui
7th Place: Cheng Qing Xiang
8th Place: Mah Wei Yang

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