Rules and Regulations of MWA League

– One league is one month base – 3 weeks playing, 1 week break

– Double league – One player plays with 2 games with each player in the league, total 6 games per league, playing with Black and White each time.

– League players are obligated to play 2 games per week during the league period. The results of the league games should be reported to Addy by Saturday of the week so that the results can officially be posted. If not reporting the results by Saturday without prior notice, both players lose by default.

– All even game, japanese counting, 6.5 komi, 30 minutes 30 seconds 3 times thinking time

– The 1st place of each league goes up to the upper league and the 4th place of each league goes down to the lower league.

– League games can be played both offline and online.

– Time and place in which league games are played must be discussed and arranged by the players.

– If the final results are the same, tiebreaker is the league players’ current placement. (The higher placement wins the lower placement)

– In case of not being able to play, this should be noticed to the opponent and Addy a week in advance.

– If a player wants to take a break, they should let MWA or Addy know it a week before the league games end (not including the break week). Replacement will be discussed and decided by MWA and Addy.

2 thoughts on “Rules and Regulations of MWA League

    1. billychia

      Hi, I’m not sure any official association in Malaysia.
      But there people playing in Japan Club in Taman Seputeh every Saturday, you might contact them if you are interested to play.


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