MWA Dan Players

Player Name Rank Remark
Chang Fu Kang 5d
Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Zaid Waqiyuddin 5d
Teng Boon Ping 5d
Cheng Khai Yong, Jimmy 4d  MWA Secretary
Leong Chee Weng, Wynes 4d
Koh Song Sang 4d
Chan Hong Guan, Alex 3d
Cher Wei Ching, Philip 3d
Kew Chien Chong 3d
Lee Chun Huat 3d
Suzanne D’Bel Low Khin Su 3d
Tiong Kee Soon 3d  MWA President
Chia Kok Hiong, Billy 2d  MWA Site Administrator
Drake Chung Chun Chen 2d
Fong Sok Nee 2d
Ho Hock Doong 2d
Lee Mun Kit 2d
Chin Shuenn Chyn 1d  MWA Treasurer
Chow Chee Wen 1d  MWA Vice President
Lo Wei Haw 1d
Low Rea Qiu 1d
Chong Wei Quan 1d

Last Updated: September 2015 by Wynes Leong

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