MWA Official League – 2015

            League Introduction                  League Players                  League result

                                                   League Games (A Group Only) 



A1 Chang Fu Kang (5D) B1 Tiong Kee Soon (3D)
A2 Jimmy Cheng Khai Yong (4D) B2 Suzanne D’Bel Low Khin Su (3D)
A3 Wynes Leong Chee Weng (4D) B3 Lee Mun Kit (2D)
A4 Koh Song Sang (4D) B4 Chia Kok Hiong, Billy (2D)
A5 Kew Chien Chong (3D) B5 Low Rea Qiu (1D)




C1 Chong Wei Quan (1D) D1 Chong Yew Wei (2K)
C2 Lo Wei Haw (1D) D2 Charles Chan Kai Mun (3K)
C3 Ng Yen Aeng (1K) D3 William Khor Weng Jin (3K)
C4 Ruthanne Goh Le Yin (2K)
C5 Chang Xin (2K)




E1 Liaw Kang Yi (5K) F1 Tan Chern Yang (5K)
E2 Ngai Kah Seng (5K) F2 Wu Suen Kit (6K)
E3 Khor Kim Hau (5K) F3 Thean Wei Yoong (8K)






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