Asian University GO Tournament 2016


Event: Asian University GO Tournament 2016 / Thai U-GO 2016 (20th)
Venue / Country: Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand.
Date: APRIL 4 – 9, 2016

MWA participating in the 2016 Asian University GO Tournament in Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand. This is the annual GO tournament organize by Thailand Go Association.

This year MWA is sending 3 teams to compete in the Asian U-Go & Local Thai U-Go category.

Team Leader: Billy Chia

Team 1. ASIAN U-Go
i) Ng Yow Aeng (1D)
ii) Chew Kar Chin (1D)
iii) Lo Wei Haw (1D)
Harry Ng
KC Chew
wei haw

Team 2. Thai U-Go (TARUC)
i) Ruthanne Goh Le Yin (3K)
ii) Poea Ming How (10K)
iii) Kok Mun Yee (15k)

Team 3. Thai U-Go (UTAR)
i) Liaw Kang Yi (3K)
ii) Chow Ming Hun (18K)
iii) Khoo Jia Ming (15k)

Others participation teams:

China, Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, the Philippines, Indonesia, and a Thai Team.

Final Results:-

Asian U-Go – Individual

Champion: Park Jongwook (Korea)
1st Runner-up: Jo Namkyun (Korea)
2nd Runner-up: Chen Yi Tien (Chinese Taipei)
3rd Runner-up: Wang Yuan Jun (Chinese Taipei)
4th Runner-up: Minor Ozeki (Japan)
29th Harry Ng (MWA)
31th Chew Kar Chin (MWA)
37th Lo Wei Haw (MWA)

Asian U-Go – Team

Champion:– Korea
1st Runner-up: Chinese Taipei
2nd Runner-up: Japan


Local U-Go (3 players per team)

UTAR (3-win, 3-lose) = 16th
TARUC (2-win, 4-lose) = 27th
Special prize: Rising Star
** Kang Yi (4-win, 2-lose) **


Malaysia Teams

Malaysia Teams

U-Go 2016

U-Go 2016


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