Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2017 Winners

MWOC-2017 Final Results

Date: 18th-19th March 2017
Venue: Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC)

Dan Category (段位组):
Champion: Zhang Biao
1st Runner-up: Guan Tao
2nd Runner-up: Jimmy Cheng
4th Place: Zhao Hang
5th Place: Xiao Ming
6th Place: Drake Chung
7th Place: Zhang Kun
8th Place: Wynes Leong
Fight-Spirit Award: Chang Xin

High-Kyu Category (高级组):
Champion: Tang Khang Yeu
1st Runner-up: Chow Ming Hun
2nd Runner-up: Cheng Pin Xuan
4th Place: Lee Shou Kai
5th Place: Lee Shou Xuan
6th Place: Chin Jun Shen
7th Place: Lee Hao Jing
8th Place: Wu Hong Xiu
Fight-Spirit Award: Woo Chen Keong

Intermediate-Kyu Category (中级组):
Champion: Foong Rui Bin
1st Runner-up: Ian Ooi
2nd Runner-up: Shimmaru Kosumi
4th Place: Koh Jian Qiao
5th Place: Foo Jason
6th Place: Kong Shiun Yung
7th Place: Owen Lo Chen Yeh
8th Place: Goh Gan Wei
Fight-Spirit Award: Lau Hao Wen

Low-Kyu Category (初级组):
Champion: Chang Wen Xing
1st Runner-up: Herman Tan Xun Rui
2nd Runner-up: Tan Yuan Wei
4th Place: Phong Shiun Zeng
5th Place: Tan Yong Ming
6th Place: Lee Kar Fatt
7th Place: Wong Wen Jun
8th Place: Chong Jun Yuan
9th Place: Yung Chie Loong
10th Place: Lai Yong Luo
11th Place: Kho Zhi Heng
12th Place: Lay Wai Kean
13th Place: Wong Wei Zhi
14th Place: Hong Rui Yi
15th Place: Chong Jun Tian
16th Place: Goh Han Yuan
Fight-Spirit Award: Go Khee Han

University Category (大学组):
Champion: Liaw Kang Yi
1st Runner-up: Khoo Jia Ming
2nd Runner-up: Yong Kit Yee
4th Place: Lam Kar Fai
5th Place: Teow Zhi Tong
6th Place: Koh Kar Wei
7th Place: Ong Tian Liee
8th Place: Yong Song Yan

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Tournament Final Results:-


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