Selection Tournament – 7th GLOBIS Cup 2020

The 7th GLOBIS Cup will be held from 7 May 2020 in Tokyo. This event is organised by The Nihon Ki-in and sponsor by GLOBIS Corporation, Japan.

Same as the previous years, there is one representative from ASEAN region. The player will be selected from preliminary matches among Thai, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Preliminary tournament among Asean countries will be play through internet go server, tournament date and details will be confirm later by organiser.

MWA will hold a selection tournament to select a payer to compete in the preliminary matches;

  • Selection Tournament: 7th GLOBIS Cup 2020 (Preliminary Match)
  • Date : 28th Dec 2019 (Sat)
  • Venue : Kongzi Institute, UM
  • Eligibility : MWA Member & Age below 20 (as of 1 Jan 2020)

Anyone interested to participate please contact Mr. Jimmy for registration.

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